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This is a true story.

Ann Foster isn’t the average Puritan woman. Her late marriage to a much older man made the tongues of the town gossips wag, but she paid them no mind. However, when her son-in-law murdered her daughter in cold blood, then accused her, from the gallows, of sabotaging his marriage and driving him to murder with her “evil eye,” her world came apart at the seams.

Ann lives in Andover, Massachusetts, just down the road from the town of Salem. The year is 1693. A sudden hysteria grips the town of Salem and the surrounding country. The people think there are witches among them. Ann’s scandalous family history makes her an obvious suspect.

She is hauled into the Salem courthouse and accused. Manic teenage girls claim she is torturing them with her supernatural powers even as they stand before the magistrates. She knows she is innocent and denies all, but no one believes her.

The court sends her to be physically tortured to obtain a confession. Meanwhile, accusations are brought against one of her surviving daughters and her granddaughter.

All who are accused and who do not confess are convicted and sentenced to death. All who confess are expected to call out and accuse others of witchcraft. Ann must decide whether to confess to save herself, and then to implicate her own daughter and granddaughter, or to tell the truth and risk the hangman’s noose.