I Be a Witch Officially Selected by the Zions Indie Film Fest

Wonderful news! I Be a Witch has been selected for its first film festival!

The Zion Indie Film Fest has officially added us to their 2024 lineup. The festival takes place annually at Scera Theater in Orem, Utah. This year, the festival starts on February 26th and runs through March 2nd.

For anyone in the Utah area who wants to see the film, tickets will be available at https://www.zionsindiefilmfest.com/tickets. The program has yet to be announced, but very soon we’ll know exactly which day and time I Be a Witch will be screened.

For anyone not able to make this festival, we have entered it into many others, and will continue to enter it into more. We’ll keep you posted each time it is selected in another festival.

For those who donated to our Indiegogo campaign at a level where you were promised a copy of the film, those copies will be made available after the festival run, just like normal DVDs don’t come out until the movie leaves theaters. We will keep you updated.
Thanks to everyone who contributed and worked on the film, and to our Utah friends, we’ll see soon you at the movies!